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The central focus of the America First Party is to put America and all Americans First. We will elect candidates who will restore morality, ethics, and common sense to public service. We will return our Constitution to its proper place in our Republic.

We urge you to join us and get involved. The America First Party is committed to reclaiming our great nation. Get involved now! (Read more here...)

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We Remember Congressman James Traficant, Patriot and Heroic American - October 2 - Jim Traficant was undeterred by political or media pressure, and was a genuine threat to the corrupt establishment. (Read more...)
Looming Risk of Regional War Reflects Reckless and Poor Leadership - September 9 - While our sympathy and prayers go out to the people of Syria, use of U.S. military power there seems likely to do more harm than good, an appraisal shared by many desperate civilians in that war-ravaged nation. Indeed, if this assessment is true, initiating strikes on Syria would be gravely immoral. Will we replicate the results of immoral and unconstitutional attacks on Libya and Iraq, by leaving a largely lawless state behind, causing Christians and other religious minorities to flee, and creating yet another haven for Islamic extremists? (Read more...)
Supreme Court Decision: We Warned Against Roberts in 2005 - June 29 - Justice Roberts' violation of his oath to uphold the Constitution is proof once again that Republicans cannot be counted on to nominate qualified, decent, Constitutionalists to the High Court. This betrayal tears away the last excuse that Republican hacks have always used to coerce patriots into pulling the lever for the Republican nominee. The bitter lesson learned is this: keep voting for Republicans, and expect to continue to have your rights stripped away by their judges. (Read more...)

  Ron Paul and the Agony of Defeat
Will Patriots Ever Learn?

John Pittman Hey writes: "Paul never had a prayer of gaining the nomination for one simple reason: Republican Party members do not agree with his principles or his policies. He didnít lose because he was cheated, or because the Republican voters didnít know where he stood. He lost because Republicans hate his ideas."
Read the full article here ...
  Skyrocketing Medical Costs
Jon Hill writes: "Fear and lack of information lead some to embrace the concept of a government health care system. One thing is for sure, though. There would be little risk of implementing a national health care system if lawmakers respected the basic requirements of the U.S. Constitution."
Read the full article here ...
  The Moral Duty to Cut and Run
Why America Must Lose the War in Iraq

John Pittman Hey writes: "There can be no reasonable doubt that our invasion of Iraq is a war of aggression against that nation, for Iraq posed no imminent threat against our country or its people. It had not the ability, nor even the intent, to jeopardize our existence. We had no serious cause of disagreement with Iraq to justify war."
Read the full article here ...
  Inflation - The People's Enemy
and Tool of the Expansionary State

Jon Hill writes: "The Constitution makes it clear that it was the intention of the founders, who were formed by their experiences, that we be on a coined-money currency standard."
Read the full article here ...
  North American Legislatures to Receive Integration Proposals on September 30th
Jon Hill and J.C. Schweingrouber write: "Industry and government elites cleverly, stealthily, and incrementally advance their cause of 'harmonizing' the trade, immigration, transportation, and security policies of Mexico, Canada, and the U.S."
Read the full article here ...
  The National Debt - Will It Reach $1 Zillion?
Perhaps it will take an economic collapse before Americans realize that the course they have chosen, that of an expansive federal government, is unsustainable, and that returning to the wisdom of the founders is the proper solution. Read the full article here ...

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Will House take up renewal of gun ban? - "A firearm, be it single shot or semi-automatic, is protected equally by the Constitution. A free people do not need permission to own guns," - Frank Hackl, AFP-WI Chairman
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  April 11, 2003 - South Marion (FL) Citizen
America First Looking for Support
  April 9, 2003 - World Net Daily
Parties weigh in on Iraq war - The America First Party ... is supportive of U.S. troops but last week adopted a policy condemning the war.
  March 21, 2003 - South Marion (FL) Citizen
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FISA Court Unconstitutional - When a FISA court judge rules that the NSA has the constitutional power to spy on Americans about whom it has no evidence of wrongdoing, as one judge did two weeks ago, because that ruling did not emanate out of a case or controversy - no one was in court to dispute it - the court is without authority to hear the matter, and thus the ruling is meaningless. By altering the constitutionally mandated requirement of the existence of a case or controversy before the jurisdiction of the federal courts may be invoked, Congress has lessened the protection of the right to be left alone that the Framers intentionally sought to enshrine.

Syria: A Turning Point Against Empire? - The post-World War II Nuremburg tribunal championed by the United States established the principle that war not justified by self-defense, i.e., a response to an actual or imminent attack, constitutes the crime of aggression. Syria has neither attacked the United States nor threatens to do so. United States military action against Syria to maintain national prestige or otherwise would be a war crime.

Committing War Crimes is a Duty; Reporting Them is a Felony - Bradley Manning is the only combat veteran of the Iraq war whose service is worth honoring. Like hundreds of thousands of servicemen, Manning carried out unlawful orders to participate in an illegal war. Unlike any of the rest, he took necessary action to expose discrete criminal acts committed in the larger context of that illegal enterprise.

Smearing Glenn Greenwald - The Regimists have been dealt a tremendous blow by the Snowden-Greenwald revelations, but they have more than enough resources to fight back. By sliming - and trying to destroy - anyone who stands up to them, they hope they can cow the rest of the population into passive compliance. As they erect the "architecture of oppression" all around us, however, a few well-placed bombs - of a strictly journalistic nature, mind you - have the power to bring the whole structure down. Such saboteurs are to be applauded, and defended.

US Government jails man for feeding his family in Iraq - ...what makes this case particularly horrific is that the suffering Hamoodi sought to alleviate was caused by the very same US government that is now imprisoning him for his humanitarianism. The reason his relatives were starving and living in abject misery was precisely because the US government enforced years of brutal sanctions. To have that same government then turn around and punish him for the "crime" of helping his family members survive is warped sadism. I really don't see how prosecutors and judges who participate in these sorts of travesties can live with themselves. Worse, US officials who twice completely destroyed Iraq - first with the sanctions regime, then with an aggressive war - are permitted to thrive in freedom and enrich themselves.

The America First Party does not necessarily endorse all the opinions expressed in the above linked external articles. The opinions expressed are those of the authors, who do not speak for the Party.
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