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Playing Politics with Human Life

by Romelle Winters
Public Relations Committee Chairman


On January 22, the abortion industry celebrated the 33rd anniversary of Roe vs Wade.

Since the Supreme Court invented this "fundamental right to abortion," Republicans and so-called pro-life organizations have marked the anniversary with demonstrations. As usual, President Bush phoned in his support for human life, as Reagan did before him.

Since 1973, nearly fifty million babies have been brutally murdered under the cover of abortion.

Our Founding Fathers knew that all men are created equal and that they are endowed with certain inalienable rights -- among these rights is the Right to Life. The Declaration of Independence states that true rights originate with God, not man.

The Right to Life is a right that celebrates and embraces the essential value and dignity of every human being. It is the Right to Life that makes all other rights possible. Throughout most of our history, this basic right was respected and defended.

However, voices promoting the once-unthinkable issue of abortion began to gain traction. As more women entered the workforce and the sexual revolution began, organizations which promoted the right of the woman to murder her child gathered strength. Money, power, greed and a lust for eugenics fueled these groups. Soon, abortion entered the political arena where pressure was put on the Parties to take a stand.

In 1916, Margaret Sanger founded the organization we now know as Planned Parenthood. Her goal was "the elimination of human weeds -- Negroes and Jews." Over the next fifty years, her program of racial genocide morphed into the call for legalized abortion.

In 1967, Ronald Wilson Reagan -- then governor of California -- lobbied for and signed a bill that legalized all abortion in that state. In 1970, Republican governor of New York Nelson Rockefeller followed Reagan’s example. Led by Republicans, abortion-on-demand became legal in New York and California, setting a precedent for what was to follow.

In 1973, a Supreme Court, dominated by Republican appointees, decided that a person’s Right to Life was not fundamental. Through judicial fiat, the Constitution and the vision of the Founding Fathers was turned upside down. Roe vs. Wade invented a fictional ‘right’ which ignored the basic Right to Life. And they created a potent new issue for their party.

While the Democrats embraced that decision, the Reagan-led GOP rhetorically turned on their own legislation and judicial appointees. In 1980, they added a pro-life plank to their platform.

Pro-life organizations gravitated into the Republican orbit, endorsing and electing Republicans, even those whose commitment to life was suspect -- including George Bush. These organizations voiced support for "the lesser of two evils."

If the vision of the Founding Fathers were upheld, there would be no need for any pro-life organization and the Republican Party would have to find other ways to attract its base. The GOP began to successfully use the issue as a basis to win elections.

However, unflinching support for Republicans has not led to the salvation of the innocent unborn. The ongoing massacre of over a million babies every year continues, and all Republicans give the country is more judicial nominees who call Roe vs Wade "settled law."

The strategy of backing the lesser of two evils has brought us President Bush, who refuses to take action to end abortion. Worse than what he will not do, is what he HAS done. Bush appointees have argued RICO charges against pro-life activists such as Joe Scheidler. His judicial appointees continue to rule in favor of abortion and infanticide and against the unborn.

President Bush continues to fund Planned Parenthood and UNESCO’s population control with taxpayer money. When the president reauthorized the Mexico City policy, he changed it, adding financial support for abortion in certain circumstances.

The President also proudly provided the first federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. The America First Party supports adult stem cell research, which has proven to be successful. We uncompromisingly oppose embryonic stem cell research -- where life is created with the sole purpose of destroying it.

It is not only the unborn who have to fear the Republican and Democrat embrace of the culture of death. Six Republican judges -- including the recently appointed William Pryor -- led the vote which permitted an innocent woman to be starved to death by court order. Her only crime was to be disabled.

Governor Jeb Bush and President Bush gave lip-service to her cause, but little else. In the end, she died for the convenience of her husband and his fiancée while the Republicans failed to act effectively.

Americans who are committed to ending abortion and stopping euthanasia should back away from the GOP. The America First Party is committed to protecting and preserving innocent human life -- not to use it as an issue to win elections.

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