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Where the AFP Stands on Some of the Most Asked-About Issues

by Romelle Winters
Public Relations Committee Chairman


Trade & Globalism

The so-called "free trade" policies supported by both Democrats and Republicans are a threat to our national and economic security.

The result has been a race to the bottom of the wage scale for American workers, and a trade deficit that transfers America's wealth to poorer nations and China. We have eliminated many of the jobs that served as a gateway to the middle class and allowed America to provide for itself.

The AFP seeks trade policies that comply with the US Constitution and put the interests of American families and workers first. We support tariffs, "Buy American" requirements for all government contracts, and trade regulations that level the playing field with lower wage competitor nations, and other policies that protect U.S. jobs and industries.

We oppose NAFTA, CAFTA, FTAA, WTO, and other trade agreements that transfer Congress's authority to regulate trade to unelected multinational bodies.


We are 100% pro-life without exception or apology, believing as the Founders did, that the right to life is unalienable. We oppose the killing of innocent human beings simply because they may be inconvenient or unwanted.

The AFP recognizes that life begins at conception and continues until natural death. We support the overturning of Roe v. Wade and seek the passage and vigorous enforcement of legislation which protects the right to life, regardless of age or state of gestation.


Our nation's immigration policies have become twisted to serve the political goals of the two major parties -- not the American people, economy, or national security.

We seek to reform legal immigration by implementing rational policies that support assimilation and promote citizenship. We also support a 10-year moratorium on legal immigration. Following that, we seek a reduction in new immigration to ensure that, as in the past, we open our doors to those whose focus is to become the best Americans they can be.

Illegal immigration is a serious threat to our security and way of life. We must regain control of our borders, with troops if necessary, and remove those who are in this country illegally.

Judicial Activism

The courts have overstepped their proper constitutional role. They no longer interpret the law; instead they have been creating it or amending the Constitution with foreign law. The hallmark of judicial activism is legislating from the bench and goes by another name: judicial tyranny. Congress should exercise power to overturn federal judicial decisions that misinterpret laws, create new ones, or twist the plain meaning of the Constitution -- and impeach judges who do.


Education is not a federal issue. You and other parents -- not state or federal bureaucrats and not the teachers’ unions -- should control the education of your children.

We seek to return education to local and parental control and shut down the Department of Education -- returning money, resources, choice, and control to the parents and the local schools.

Taxes and the Budget

The problem is not that the government taxes too little, the problem is that our government spends too much. The AFP advocates a return to Constitutional compliance in the size, scope, and authority of the federal government. It is important to provide mechanisms for states and the people to adjust to the new reality--there is no federal nanny state.

The AFP seeks the elimination of all income, property, and wealth taxes. These taxes serve only to enslave Americans and punish productivity.

Instead we support a tax system where at least 50% of federal revenue is generated through tariffs and excise taxes on foreign made goods. The rest should come from a uniform retail sales tax on new items, and usage fees. These taxes reward savings and productivity, promote a Buy American policy, and leave the choice of how much you are taxed in your hands.

Terrorism and the Iraq War

The primary responsibility of the federal government is to protect Americans from invasion and attack. On 9/11, our government failed us. It has failed to learn from this attack.

You are far more likely to be struck by lightning several times than to be hurt or killed in a terrorist attack. Yet, the government has abused the results of its past failure, thereby achieving the terrorists’ goals for them -- scaring citizens and attacking our Constitution and way of life.

Central to our strategy to protect the American people is the need to secure our borders. Our enemy will use stealth, infiltration, and our weaknesses against us. To leave our borders unsecured is treasonous.

The AFP has been opposed to the Iraq War since the founding of our party, a year before the fighting began.

The invasion of Iraq was unconstitutional and unnecessary. The occupation has been poorly handled, costly, and served as a recruiting poster for our enemies. The war has created a resource rich client state for Iran and Al Qaeda once we depart.

Saddam was a bad man and a threat to his neighbors and his own people. But even if he had WMDs, he was not a threat to the American people and, until we invaded Iraq, was condemned as a threat to Islam by Al Qaeda. Regime change in Iraq has not been worth American blood or treasure. We are less safe because of it.

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