America First Party Founding National Convention

Display Table Rental Agreement Form

Name of Organization:____________________________________________
Contact Person/Title:____________________________________________
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Web Address:____________________________________________
Contact Person
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table - must attend
the convention):
E-mail Address:____________________________________________
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Type of Table (make check payable to 'America First National Committee')

Outside Hall (Thu-Sun)Inside Hall (Fri-Sun)
___State Party Org ($50) ___State Party Org ($100)
___Issue Oriented Non-profit Org ($100) ___Issue Oriented Non-profit Org ($200)
___For Profit Company ($250) ___For Profit Company ($500)

People working at tables while the convention is in session cannot be delegates to the convention.  Use of the display table shall not cause any disruption of the Convention.  The Convention Committee reserves the right to withdraw table privileges at any time, at the sole discretion of the Convention Committee. In such case, moneys paid will not be refunded.

Renter shall be responsible for any activities conducted at or on their display table.  The renter shall be responsible for any damages to the display table or other hotel/convention center property resulting from the use or other activities resulting from their use of the display table.  Renter shall hold harmless the America First Party, its officers, National Committee, and members for any injuries or damage resulting from actions by the renter or activities at or on the display table.

Signature of Renter: _______________________   Date: ___________

Signing this form indicates acceptance of all rules and conditions listed on this form.

Contribution submitted with this form will be used to influence Federal Elections and are subject to the Federal Election Campaign Act. Political Contributions are not deductible for income tax purposes. We cannot accept contributions from Corporations, Labor Unions, Foreign Nationals or in the name of others.