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Resolution of the National Committee To Condemn any Unlawful and Improper Attack upon Iran

(Adopted by unanimous vote of the National Committee on August 10, 2010)

Whereas, the making of war by the United States of America may only be justified when the safety and security of our people and our homeland are imperiled; and

Whereas, our nation has experienced the bitter fruit of adventurous and undeclared wars that have sullied the rightness of our cause, damaged our reputation abroad, imperiled our brave fighting men and women, and shed innocent blood; and

Whereas, the nation of Iran does not possess the capacity to threaten our nation or its people; and

Whereas, the government of Iran has long pursued the peaceful use of nuclear power, and is entitled as a sovereign power to do so; and

Whereas, there is no evidence that Iran is developing nuclear weapons in violation of its treaty obligations; and

Whereas, Iranian nuclear weaponry, were it to be developed, would not pose an existential threat to the United States and would not form the basis for armed attack upon the nation of Iran by the United States; and

Whereas, the nation of Iran has not invaded or commenced warfare against any other nation for many centuries; and

Whereas, the nation of Iran has been the subject of intense pressure by the United States and other nations with regards to its nuclear fuel enrichment program and internal political affairs, and has been subject to unsubstantiated accusations that it is developing nuclear weapons; and

Whereas, there have been implied threats by the government of the United States to carry out a policy of "regime change" against Iran;


That it is not the business of the United States to solve the world's problems, to install ideal governments, to extend so-called "democracy" abroad, or defend the interests and safety of any nation other than our own; and

That United States foreign policy must be restrained by the Constitution, and therefore not be directed to purposes such as regime change, nation building, and policing the world, when such policing is not necessary for U.S. national security; and

That this nation has no cause for war with Iran, her people, or their leaders, unless they seek to harm our people or this beloved land; and

That unless and until the nation of Iran lifts its hand against our people, our homes, or our countryland, there can be no just, moral, legal, or practical cause for armed conflict between us; and

That we deplore the growing efforts to foment hatred and fear of the nation of Iran solely for the purpose of fanning the flames of war hysteria; and

That calls for armed attack against Iran are morally and legally unjustified; and

That under these circumstances, we denounce any effort to carry out armed attacks, blockades, embargoes, or lesser acts of war against the nation of Iran by either our own country or, at our government's instigation or support, by our allies or proxies abroad; and

That any such attack against Iran is an act of war, and without the mandatory Congressional Declaration of War is repugnant to our Constitution, to the principles and ideals of our nation, to basic principles of morality and justice, and to the peace and security of the United States; and

That should the President institute unlawful and improper use of the armed forces of the United States against the nation of Iran, the America First Party shall call for his immediate impeachment and removal from office.


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