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Resolution Condemning Presidential Misconduct and Calling for Impeachment and Removal from Office

(Adopted by overwhelming vote of the National Convention on June 3, 2006)

Whereas the President must be subject to the Rule of Law and the constraints of the Constitution; and

Whereas the President has engaged in a sustained, open, and notorious abuse of the law throughout his administration; and

Whereas, He has claimed exemption from the laws that restrain the activities of the military and control the conduct of the executive departments; and

Whereas, He has made use of artifices such as Signing Statements, Executive Orders, and other schemes to circumvent and escape the restrictions of the law; and

Whereas, He has repudiated the lawful limitations on torture and abuse adopted by Congress and has asserted Himself, as commander in chief, to be above such laws; and

Whereas, He has suspended Habeas Corpus and claimed the right to hold America citizens without charge and without trial; and

Whereas, He has breached the protections of the Fourth Amendment by spying upon American citizens and intercepting their private communications without warrant by the Courts; and

Whereas, He has instructed his agents to commit felony violations of the wire tapping statutes; and

Whereas, He has usurped the sole authority of Congress to declare War and to decide who are the true enemies of the United States; and

Whereas, He has waged war unlawfully against nations and persons who are not enemies according to law; and

Whereas, He has designated as "enemy combatants" persons who have not supported any lawfully declared enemy of the United States; and

Whereas, He has designated the entire face of the globe as a "battlefield" in a time when no lawfully declared War exists; and

Whereas, He has instructed his agents in the Department of Justice to invoke claims of sovereign immunity and the State Secrets Privilege to frustrate lawful efforts to seek redress from government misconduct and to strip the citizens of their right to free access to the courts; and

Whereas, He has with belligerence and contumacy continued these usurpations and high crimes against the Constitution and the People, even after public remonstrance and numerous petitions that He cease and desist;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the America First Party, in Convention assembled:

That we condemn the reckless and lawless conduct of the President of the United States; and

That we call for the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives to conduct an Inquiry for the purposes of drawing up articles of Impeachment against the President for these High Crimes and Misdemeanors; and

That we call upon the House of Representatives to assert the rule of law and the requirements of the Constitution by adopting such articles and Impeaching the President; and

That we call upon the Senate to do Justice and Vindicate the Law by the conviction of the President and his removal from office.


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