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America First Party
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Monday, April 16, 2018

Syria Attack at Odds with an America First Foreign Policy

Greenwood, MS - It is with sadness that we witnessed President Trump's effective repudiation of the principles of an America First foreign policy last week, with his attack on a nation which is not threatening the security interests of the United States, and which is a natural ally with us in opposing Al-Qaeda.

Our nation's best interests are served when we put the national interest before that of special interests, that is, when we put America First. While crimes that are committed in foreign nations are regrettable, punishing every state and non-state entity in the world for its crimes against civilians is an unsustainable, strategically risky, and unconstitutional objective. A nation with trillion dollar deficits, and ballooning public and private sector debts, cannot responsibly continue to fire off million dollar cruise missiles by the hundreds, while deploying naval task forces at an estimated combined cost of $200 million. We should absolutely not be risking another world war with a major military power and its allies for something which is not a critical national interest. Our nation's constitution -- key to our continued stability and prosperity -- does not authorize spending for use of the military in a combat role for anything but national defense.

In today's unfortunate circumstances, we can see the fulfillment of George Washington's prophetic warning regarding, "overgrown military establishments which, under any form of government, are inauspicious to liberty, and which are to be regarded as particularly hostile to republican liberty." The military, and any domestic or foreign interests that would exploit our military capability for their special interests, need to be tempered by the consistent application of constitutional legal principles: (1) the war-fighting capacity of our government is only to be exercised for U.S. national defense; (2) only Congress has the authority to make the decision to initiate war, and attempting to delegate this authority violates the constitution's separation of powers.

"We welcome many of President Trump's initiatives in trade and border security," said AFNC National Chairman Jonathan Hill, "but cannot but be gravely concerned that the failure to put America First in foreign affairs will cost Americans dearly in lives, diminished security, and in increased economic hardship."

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